Skin (Demo)

by Turnspit

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When I was 5, I liked to play in the garden
And let the summer sun wash over me
The boy next door, he was my only friend
We played outside and hopped over the fence

Then one day, he said "Pull down your pants"
On the other side of that raspberry bush
I knew inside that it was wrong but he was nice and I was young
And that was the first time I lied to save an abuser

And when I was 13, you know my body was changing
My grey-blue eyes weren't the focal point no more
I caught the attention of a boy needing saving
He said he loved me, but it was all part of his plan

You know what he taught me
He taught me what it means
What it means to feel so powerless
He didn't have to hold me down, his grip was on my mind
I said "No, no please, no" then I gave in

Some might say "Just let it go
They were young and just didn't know"
But they weren't alone and I've been fighting since 5 years old
To reclaim this sack of skin as mine

So when I wear my low cut shirts
Just know it's not for you
This is me, and I'm taking back my body
To feel like I own my own skin
Yeah to feel like I own my own skin
Yeah you know, you own your own skin


released December 1, 2016
Lyrics and music by Gillian McGhee
Engineered by Dan Tinkler at Atlas Studios

Photo by Alex Simotes
Edited by Jason Swearingen



all rights reserved


Turnspit Chicago, Illinois

Thoughtful, melodic punk jams with a lot of heart.

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